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On the 50th anniversary of the death of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Politecnico di Milano, the AUIC School of Architecture and the ABC Department intend to commemorate the Master through an Exhibition and an international Conference.

The Conference focuses on the theoretical-design aspects of the complex relationship between architecture and the city in Mies's work which includes the contribution of invited experts who themselves have operatively interacted with the built work of Mies. The Conference also involves the participation of architects and selected researchers with a call for papers.

Beginning with the more general topic focused on the relationship between architecture and city, the Conference will be organized following a range of research sub-themes with the aim of widening the point of view to integrate different fields of study. This will be possible also starting from recent studies that have deepened a closer relation not only with the architectural and urban composition, but also with figurative arts, philosophical thought, environmental issues, etc.


Possible topics that the open call wants to inspect


The relationship between city and nature

Thinking about the different scales that Mies uses to compare his work to the city – from compact structure of the European historical cities until to the more open Americans ones – his project can be considered as an architecture establishing close relationships with the context, and as a prefiguration of the idea of the city as was realized by the work of Ludwig Hilberseimer.


The relationship with the history

This relationship introduces a double barrelled point of view: on the one hand, there is the historical-critical reception of Mies's work, with particular attention to the recent contributions that can investigate unpublished aspects; on the other hand, there is the relationship that Mies's work establishes between history and both theoretical and design approaches.


Legacy and heritage

This investigation field refers to a couple of aspects:

-        The legacy between Mies's work, and thought and contemporary practice analysed from different points of view (theoretical, compositional, technical-formal and representational);

-        The heritage of the realized work compared with its current state of conservation, in relation to the different interventions: the reconstruction of the Barcelona Pavilion, the Crown Hall restoration, and the restoration of the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin (which is still in progress), etc.


The relationship between structure and shape

Beginning with the central topic of urban structure, we consider the close relationship that exists between structure and shape in his buildings, and how this relationship is evident in the various constructive choices. In Mies’ work, his design strategies never coincides only with the technological aspects of the materials, but implies a different role, one that is able to represent a wider and more general meaning.


The relationship with representation

This field of investigation refers to the tools and techniques of representation (drawings, sketches, montages, collages) used by Mies van der Rohe and how this apparatus relates to his research in the context of artistic tendencies.



From the fundamental experience of the Bauhaus up to the one carried out in Chicago, it is possible to recognize an educational path based on a transferrable design methods that are open to different interpretations. This topic intends to investigate the application and the outcomes of this method in relation to contemporary teaching methods.



The paper review of the Conference will be conducted in two stage. The first stage of the review will involve a peer review of the brief abstract. Successful review at this stage will result in an invitation to submit a full paper for peer review. To submit this paper, authors must register on the conference web site ( and upload a zip file. Papers sent by email will not be accepted.

Abstracts and papers must be in English and should be well written, clearly organized and compelling.


Abstract are due by 11:59 pm Italian time April 7 2019.

Abstracts must not exceed 300 words; one or two images (jpg/tiff, 72dpi) can be attached if they enhance the text and are an integral element of the abstract.

Abstracts, clear and well written, must be uploaded on website ( in word or pdf format. They should include: author’s details and contacts, affiliation (if applicable) and a short CV (100 words maximum).

Abstract acceptance will be notified by April 28, 2019.


Full papers, due by June 16 2019 (11:59 pm Italian time) should not exceed 3000 words (including footnotes and bibliography) + a maximum of 4 images (jpg/tiff, 300 dpi, for a base of 15 cm) + related captions.

The images must be free of rights: each author must send a signed release that certifies the possibility of publication.

Full papers, clear and well written, must be uploaded on website ( in word format.

Paper acceptance will be notified by July 28, 2019.





Call launch: March 1, 2019

Abstract submission: April 7, 2019

Notification of acceptance: April 28, 2019

Full paper submission: June 23, 2019

Final Notification of acceptance July 28, 2019



Guidelines for authors


Submission of paper:

Full papers are to be uploaded on the following website:

File name:

surname_name.doc (example: smith_john.doc)

Paper Structure:

Main text has to be written in Arial font, size 10, single-spaced, without breaks in the text. Authors are asked not to use customized text formats in order to ensure the uniform appearance of articles published for pre-print version.

1. Author’s Name and Surname, home university

(example: Martina Landsberger, Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

2. Title of the paper

3. Text: English language

3000 words max (including notes and bibliography), bibliography max. 800 words, word format file (*.doc)

Arial font, size 10, single spaced

4. Notes

Notes at the end of the article in Arial font, size 10, single-spaced, numbered from one (1,2,….)  within the article

5. Bibliography

Arial font, size 10, single-spaced, references are given in alphabetical order at the end of the article. Reference is by type (Rossi, 1997) for a single author, or (Rossi et al., 1998) for several authors. Reference’s title is in Arial italic, size 10, single spaced.


1. Book

Kepes, Gyorgy, The new landscape, Chicago, P. Theobald, 1956.

Habermas Jürgen, Luhmann Niklas, Teoria della società o tecnologia sociale, Milano, Etas libri, 1973.

2. Essay in the book

Mohlor, Ann, “Louis I. Kahn: talk with students”. In Architecture at Rice 26, Texas, Rice University, 1969.

3. Magazine and conference proceedings

Frampton, Kenneth, Louis Kahn and French Connection, in «Opposition», No 22, 1980.

Pink, Olive M., “Spirit Ancestors in Northern Aranda Horde Country”, Oceania, Vol. IV, No 2, December 1933.

6. Image

Images, maximum 4, must have at least 300 dpi in JPG/TIFF format and without royalties.

Image minimum size: length cm 15

Image file name: surname_name.jpg/tiff

Please return the copyright waiver signed and completed.

The images do not require release for the conference but only for the publication of the acts.

7. Legenda

Will appear at the end of the article, after the Notes. It need to be written in Arial font, size 10, without indent, single-spaced, after the title of the image they are related to.


The conference includes a publication that will collect the final papers of all the participants. The publication will be afterwards.

The submission deadline of the final text reviewed according to remarks and suggestions proposed, will be communicated directly to the participants.






Ferruccio Resta Rector Politecnico di Milano

Federico Bucci Rector’s delegate for Cultural Policies, Politecnico di Milano

Ilaria Valente - Dean AUIC School, Politecnico di Milano

Stefano della Torre - Head of ABC Department, Politecnico di Milano

Antonio Monestiroli - Professor emeritus Politecnico di Milano

Eduardo Souto de Moura - Politecnico di Milano

Kevin Harrington - Professor emeritus Illinois Institute of Technology

Anna Ramos - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Martino Stierli - MoMA - The Museum of Modern Art

Rashid Ng - President ACSA - Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture

Oya Atalay Franck - EAAE – European Association for Architectural Education



Adalberto Del Bo - Conference Chair, ABC Department, Politecnico di Milano

Marco Biraghi - Vice Dean Delegate for Cultural Activities and Exhibitions, AUIC School

Michele Caja - ABC Department, Politecnico di Milano,

Massimo Ferrari - ABC Department, Politecnico di Milano

Martina Landsberger ABC Department, Politecnico di Milano

Angelo Lorenzi - ABC Department, Politecnico di Milano

Tomaso Monestiroli - ABC Department, Politecnico di Milano

Raffaella Neri - ABC Department, Politecnico di Milano



Serena Ferretti ABC Department, Politecnico di Milano

Rashida NgrA


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